The Ultimate Guide to Timeshare Compliance

Timeshare compliance

There are many companies offering timeshare exit services. These include law firms and timeshare exit transfer companies. Centerstone Group has features of both. It also uses proprietary strategies to put extra pressure on timeshare developers and get you the best, fastest result. Centerstone Group has received glowing reviews for its work in this area.

But Centerstone Group is not the only company in the timeshare exit industry. Another company with its own strategies is Pandora Marketing LLC, also known as Timeshare Compliance. Perhaps you have been researching timeshare exit companies. If so, you may be wondering about the differences between Timeshare Compliance and Centerstone Group.

Both companies have good reputations. Both are able to get results for their clients. But Centerstone Group is the dynamic, faster, more efficient company. You have a lot of options for timeshare exit, but even among the better ones, there are superior choices.

Timeshare Compliance’s strategy has historically consisted of simply referring clients to attorney partners. Centerstone Group, on the other hand, uses attorneys as only a part of a larger strategy. In this way, Centerstone Group’s practices are faster, more efficient, and a much better value for far less money.

This article will take a look at Timeshare Compliance and its history. It will also highlight how Centerstone Group’s services are better. Finally, we’ll discuss how you should go about finding the right exit strategy for you.

Who Is Timeshare Compliance?

Timeshare Compliance is a timeshare exit company based in Aliso Viejo, California. They have been in business since 2016. They are active in soliciting business on both Facebook and LinkedIn. They purport to contact timeshare companies on behalf of clients, though clients have indicated that they simply refer their clients to attorneys.

For more complicated matters, Timeshare Compliance connects its clients with attorneys. Lawyers can be a necessary part of any timeshare exit plan, so this is an appropriate service. Centerstone Group can also hire law firms to represent its clients in connection with their timeshare contracts but only when other less expensive methods are unsuccessful, thereby saving Centerstone Group clients money.

In the case of Timeshare Compliance though, there have been issues noted. For instance, there are customer complaints on Trustpilot about being “passed around” to different lawyers. The customer complained that those lawyers were not communicating with Timeshare Compliance.

Obviously, if you invest in the time and expense of a lawyer, you want to be sure that the lawyer is working closely with your timeshare exit company.

Timeshare Compliance also advertises an escrow payment option. This appears to be a payment method that timeshare owners use as a security measure for their money. That said, there is reportedly a qualification process for the escrow service. Reports are that few, if any, of Timeshare Compliance’s clients qualify for the escrow payment option.

Timeshare Compliance charges its clients fees upfront. Online reviews indicate that those upfront fees are quite expensive. Their fees appear to start at $4,500 and go up from there. Reviews on indicate final fees as high as $100,000, with potential negative impacts on credit scores.

In a move that may remind clients of the expenses of timeshare ownership, Timeshare Compliance also charges incremental fees above and beyond the standard exit fees. These include credit repair fees, merchant fees, and administrative processing fees. Even savvy timeshare owners could be confused at the litany of charges and their various justifications.

BBB complaints against Timeshare Compliance also indicate erratic or nonexistent communication. Some customers have received too many sales calls from the company, while paying customers have had problems actually speaking to a person, and thus turn to the BBB for help.

Perhaps most troubling about Timeshare Compliance are the lawsuits currently pending against them in federal court. Two cases in Florida (Orlando and Miami) and one in California allege false advertising practices and attempts to interfere with existing timeshare contracts.

Even more relevant to timeshare owners is a class action in South Carolina alleging that Timeshare Compliance engaged in high pressure, unethical sales practices directed at timeshare owners. (And more high-pressure unethical sales tactics are the last things any timeshare owner needs.) These tactics allegedly included illegal telemarketing and robocalls.

Setting aside the legal problems, Timeshare Compliance’s reliance on attorneys can be expensive when they are used as the only option. This can be especially true if your attorney files civil litigation on your behalf, as lawsuits frequently take years to resolve.

Certainly, some situations call for an attorney’s expertise and services. Timeshare Compliance, though, uses attorneys as an expensive one-size-fits-all solution that not every case needs.

It is important for a timeshare exit company to effectively use a multi-pronged strategy to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. A company like Timeshare Compliance that offers legal referrals without transfer services is a “one-trick pony” that cannot help a large number of timeshare owners.

How Is Centerstone Group Different?

Centerstone Group applauds the existence of the legitimate companies acting as its competitors. Centerstone Group, though, offers superior services to its clients. Most notable is the three-pronged approach that Timeshare Compliance cannot claim.

Centerstone Group’s proprietary approach is “three-pronged” because of how it fights your battle on three fronts. This helps get your case resolved in the most quick and inexpensive way possible. Though the exact strategies will differ according to the specific situations of each client, they include:

  • Pressure campaigns against timeshare developers: Centerstone Group does far more than find a phone number and call a timeshare resort on your behalf. We engage in sustained, repeated campaigns consisting of correspondence and social media engagement. Regulatory complaints are also an important part of this strategy.
  • Transferring your timeshare: In this case, Centerstone Group pairs you with a receiver who takes over your timeshare obligations. This takes the financial burdens of your timeshare, including excessive maintenance fees, off of your plate.
  • Legal representation: Not every timeshare exit needs a lawyer to be successful. Unfortunately, we do realize that it is sometimes necessary. In this case, we work with our trusted legal partners. We make sure that you have the best attorneys or law firms working on your behalf at the best possible price.

Centerstone Group’s unmatched attention to detail and your individual circumstances make it the clear choice.

Picking the Best Timeshare Exit Company

Sorting through online information about timeshare exit companies can be intimidating and confusing. Your first goal should be to weed out the various timeshare scams and fraudulent companies that are out to steal your money. After that, only the legitimate companies like Centerstone Group will remain.

Once you are looking at those companies, ask yourself what your priorities are. Most people want to get rid of their timeshares because they don’t want to bleed money. Financial savings, then, should be your key consideration. Don’t let your old financial mistake of buying a timeshare dictate the future mistake of paying too much to a timeshare exit company.

Centerstone Group consists of experienced real estate professionals who understand the financial pain caused by your timeshare. We also understand that, in the complicated world of timeshare exits, one size does not fit all. We’ll work hard to find a cost-effective strategy that suits your unique situation.

Besides being mindful of the costs throughout the timeshare exit process, Centerstone Group is also aware that time is money. A company like Timeshare Compliance may ultimately be able to get you to the same result as Centerstone Group, but even their positive reviews will tell you that it can take a long time, 12 to 18 months and longer. You might not be able to afford that extra delay.

No one can promise you a specific time frame. Centerstone Group’s proprietary processes, though, are faster and more efficient. And our fees often match or beat the competitors. The choice for your timeshare cancellation, then, should be clear.

The Best Value and the Best Result

Timeshare cancellation can be a complicated affair. Centerstone Group encourages anyone thinking of going through the process to do their homework. When looking for the right timeshare exit companies, make sure you look at all the factors. A good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, favorable testimonials, and a coherent strategy are all key considerations.

Timeshare exit strategies are often tough, expensive, and time consuming. The company that you pick to help you should be able to answer thorough, tough questions about its service. What exactly is the company going to do for its fee? How does it differ from the competitors? If the company can’t or won’t answer, run the other way.

And of course, you should select a company that understands the enormous financial and personal pain you have suffered as a result of your timeshare. Centerstone Group would be honored to have the opportunity to prove that we’re the right company for you. Contact Centerstone Group today for a free consultation and case evaluation.